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February 12, 2016

My Journey to the Holy Land

Just a quick note to invite you to check out my recent trip to Israel and Palestine. I blogged about it on a travel blog platform called Travelpod, and shared images and thoughts and our itinerary as we spent two weeks exploring ancient and sacred sites and experiencing many wonders.

You can visit the link here.

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Travel builds skills.

I was telling one of my speaking gig audiences this week that the experience of travel actually helps build skills: flexibility, adaptability, resilience, and patience. Being immersed in a different culture, with new food, new customs, and new languages can expand your horizons and open you up to thinking about things in whole new ways. The Grade 10 classes I was speaking to seemed to agree that while we might not think of travel as something to add to a resume, it can show that you possess skills, such as the ones listed above,  that would be useful in the workplace. If you are fortunate enough to visit other places…then consider the growth you will gain by doing it.

Come explore with me!

So check out my story, I can assure you I learned a lot, and I am most happy to share the experience with you.

Happy Trails!


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