162 CBJ: What to Do When You Inherit a Management Mess

February 8, 2018


So Now What?

You’ve taken a leadership or management position and it turns out it’s a hot mess. It’s not what you were expecting, or maybe you were expecting it but now you realize you aren’t sure how to proceed. What sounded manageable is becoming not-so-much now that you are into it. So what do you do?

Sage Advice

My guest Ron Carucci has some very helpful advice, (which is of course why I brought him to your listening ears!) In this episode, we cover the following and more:

  • Ron’s story (how he came to be doing what he is doing now)
  • Common first reactions/mistakes
  • How leaders are often not prepared, trained or equipped to lead
  • Advice to those contemplating a move into management
  • Agendas, recipes and mythical mandates
  • Famous “words of entrance”
  • Time frames for change
  • Taking “an MRI” of the system
  • The biggest mistake
  • A village is critical
  • How to “correct course”
  • Time frames for change
  • Resources, including a free article found HERE
  • Understanding organizations as systems
  • Counterfeits, strategies and identity
  • Being grounded as a leader

Who is Ron?

Ron Carucci is co-founder and managing partner at Navalent, working with CEOs and executives pursuing transformational change for their organizations, leaders, and industries.  He has a thirty year track record helping some of the world’s most influential executives tackle challenges of strategy, organization and leadership.  From start-ups to Fortune 10’s, turn-arounds to new markets and strategies, overhauling leadership and culture to re-designing for growth, he has worked in more than 25 countries on 4 continents.  He is the best-selling author of 8 books, including the recent Amazon #1 Rising to Power.  He is a regular contributor to HBR and Forbes, and has been featured in Fortune, CEO Magazine, BusinessInsider, MSNBC, Business Week, Smart Business, and thought leaders.

How to connect with him




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Until next time…

~ Jenn

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