161 CBJ: Mindfulness: Why it Matters and How to Practice it

February 1, 2018


Mindfulness is a “Thing”

Mindfulness is the practice of not living in yesterday or tomorrow…or what happened ten minutes ago or what is happening after lunch…but the practice of being here…right now. You are aware of your own thoughts and feelings…but you are not latching on to any of them or giving commentary on them.

Mindfulness is being right here, right now.

It’s a Practice

Being mindful is not something you can work on, achieve and forget about. It’s a life-long practice that has ancient roots and is practiced in a variety of ways. In this podcast episode, I’ll share with you some of the reasons why this practice is exceedingly healthy for you, how it can help you succeed in your career, and how exactly you can do it.

You can do it anywhere AND it’s free!

Mindfulness is easy to begin and hard to stick to, and it is utterly worth the effort. No one needs to know that you are practicing it while speaking to a colleague, while washing your dishes at home, or while waiting at a red light.

It can be practiced anywhere, anytime. And it doesn’t cost you anything but effort.

If you need some extra help…

If you need help with setting some goals around practicing mindfulness, or with a job search or preparing for an interview, check out the coaching packages we have on our course page HERE.

Until next time, enjoy the Present Moment!

~ Jenn

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