156 CBJ: 25 Questions for Your Year-End Reflection

December 21, 2017


What is Reflection?

Reflection is time to think. Time to ponder, to review and to assess what has been and what is now. Not many of us have the chance to do this kind of thinking intentionally given our busy lives, so this podcast episode gives you the “how” and you just need to figure out the “when”.

Why do it?

Reflection is an opportunity to look back over some of the accomplishments and experiences you’ve had and to figure out what goals you’ve achieved that you can celebrate. It’s a chance to review what mistakes you’ve made and how you’ve come through those and what lessons you’ve learned as a result. Reflection offers you a way to embrace the good and release what needs to be let go of before you move into a brand new year.

It’s far easier to set goals when you have a good picture of what happened and where you are at now. It’s taking stock, and it can have huge benefits in your career and your life.

Journal Exercise or Just Pause the Podcast

You can choose how you use this info of course, but I have a couple of suggestions for getting the most out of this 20 minute podcast episode.

  1. Journal your answers. Take a chunk of time…maybe 45 mins to an hour, (more if you need it), and really explore the answers you come up with to each question. This activity will allow new goals to “bubble up” and you will get the most out of this show if you do this.
  2. Pause the podcast. Stop the episode between each question and just think about your answer. You can even say it out loud to yourself, and talk it through or you can do this with a friend and have a longer conversation about your year and how it was for each of you.

Enjoy the Process!

Inspiring self-awareness and self-growth are a BIG part of what we do here at Careers by Jenn and so my hope is that this exercise will give you a frame-work to do some of that in the next week or so, so that you can ring in the New Year completely ready to start fresh!

Last Minute Gift Ideas?

If you are still in need of a gift for someone in your life, check out our courses page. There are some courses and coaching you might choose to gift someone in your life with!

Until next time, have a beautiful Christmas (if you celebrate it) and regardless, have a wonderful week!


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