155 CBJ: How Developing Your Emotional Intelligence will Empower You at Work

December 14, 2017

EQ and You!

In this episode, I talk to Tony Dottino about what emotional intelligence (EQ) is. We look at how you can use your energy, enthusiasm and experience to your best advantage when seeking a job, a career change or to advance in the workplace.

Topics Covered:

  • self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • garbage in, garbage grows: how to balance all the garbage coming in
  • great in, great will grow
  • know your subject
  • who and what are you filling your life with?
  • who is driving the emotions for the group you are walking into?
  • check it before you wreck it
  • lots more!

Who is Tony?

Tony Dottino has been recognized for his energy and passion for helping people succeed. He is the founder and President of Dottino Consulting Group – a unique management-consulting firm that specializes in leadership development and the sustainable transfer of problem-solving skills to front line workers. Industry giants including Johnson & Johnson, British Airways IBM, UTi Global, JP Morgan CHASE, Con Edison, IBM, the Department of Homeland Security, and multiple locations of the Florida Hospital system have used his innovative methodologies.

When Tony recognized inefficiency and poor performance in areas like medical care, his interest expanded from helping organizations to improving the quality of people’s lives. Working with organizations like MIT, Tony has researched how people use their brain and memory more effectively to improve their business and personal lives. This led him to found the USA Memory Championship, and co-author two books – The BrainSmart Leader and the critically acclaimed Grass Roots Leaders – The BrainSmart Revolution in Business.

At IBM, he created a process management workshop recognized as an IBM best-in-class practice, for which he received the President’s Award for Innovation and Teaching Excellence. The fundamentals of this methodology were integrated as key elements in what became Six Sigma. Tony was also part of the team that wrote the initial criteria for the national quality award – now recognized as the Malcolm Baldrige Award – for President Ronald Reagan. In addition, Tony hosts the Infinitely Expandable Brain podcast, which explores how you can use the untapped power of your brain to transform your life, your relationships, and your career.

Where to Find Out More

Check out Tony’s work HERE!

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