154 CBJ: Stress-Reducing Holiday Hacks for the Working Person

December 7, 2017


Holidays? Stress? Nahhhhh!

Well it’s holiday time…and whether you celebrate or not…it’s all around and hard to avoid. I noticed yesterday when driving around town how impatient people are! Lots of honking of horns and frustration going on. Parking lots are full, everything takes longer to accomplish, and it’s safe to say that in general, stress-levels are up! I must admit that there are moments when I’m feeling it too. There’s so much to do, so much to get prepared, and all of it with a deadline.

In my case, as you might know, I work as a church minister in part of my work life and this is our busiest time of year, with special services and pageants and all sorts of things to organize. I am spending loads of time creating and planning experiences for people: choosing music and figuring out the right words to say, enlisting volunteers to make it all happen and being sure there are enough candles and crafts and you name it. To put it in an online context…it’s content creation. Loads and loads of it. And it’s a lot of brain work…creative energy…and so things like sending Christmas cards and baking cookies and all the usual things are also on my growing “to-do” list and haven’t quite gotten done yet.

All of this to say that when thinking of this episode today, I figured many of you are likely in the same boat and could relate. I once heard it said that Christmas was like a train that you boarded in September and relentlessly charged full-steam ahead until you reach New Year’s Day when it’s all over again until the next September. Not a very positive thought…but I get it.

So what can you do?

There are LOTS of things you can do to reduce your stress and make the holidays more fun and enjoyable, both at work and at home.

In this episode, I offer 17 things for you to consider that could help with this. From gift options to boundary-setting, there are some concrete things you can do to make your next few weeks better.

Tune in and take a listen to these stress-reducing holiday hacks, and be sure to add your own in the comments section below.

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Until next time…remember to breathe!

~ Jenn



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