151 CBJ: Finding Your Signature Strengths

November 16, 2017


You Have Strengths!

Yes, and as hard as these can be sometimes to list or name when asked in a job interview…they exist! The question, “what are your strengths and weaknesses” is one that seems to always come up, and often it is easier to answer the second part of that…what weaknesses we have, than it is to name the strengths.

Strategies for Finding Your Strengths

In this episode of the NEWLY re-branded podcast (formerly the Communication Diva podcast) Careers by Jenn, I take a look first at how you can do a self-assessment of your strengths, in order to generate a list to work with. I also invite you to invite others into your research, and offer ways you can do that that are both free and paid. With good questions and with fresh perspectives, you should be able to create a fairly good-sized list by the time you get through all the questions.

What Are Signature Strengths?

After generating a list, we look at how to determine which of the strengths you have listed are your top or key or signature strengths…the ones that set YOU apart.


Join me and get yourself prepared to answer this question in a job interview, annual performance review, or simply as a way to identify where you are at and where you want to go in the future of your career.

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Until next time,

~ Jenn

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