149 CDP: Seek the Treasure of Your Own True Self

November 2, 2017


Humble Beginnings

In this episode of the podcast, I interview this inspiring author who tells her story of struggle and perseverance…and how to seek the treasure of your own true self.  Join us as we talk about some of the following:

  • bottom of the class
  • failure, and failing “out of everything!”
  • learning disabilities
  • low self-esteem
  • getting fired
  • getting jobs “I had no business applying for”
  • how one single person can make a difference in your whole life trajectory
  • how you never know the impact you are making
  • Dianne’s tendency to “throw her hat in the ring” and just DO stuff
  • finding God
  • how she came to writing
  • getting out of your own way
  • learning about how to write
  • resourcefulness
  • her mother and jail
  • having personal power and be able to recognize that you do
  • don’t be the one to put the brakes on your own life
  • finding your true self

A Bit About Dianne

Dianne was once asked what kind of animal she would like to be. The person who asked the question was shocked when Dianne said she’d like to be a dragon.
There are times in everyone’s life when being able to fly high and breathe fire sounds very appealing. However, if you can’t be a dragon, or have a dragon as a pet, then the next best thing is to write books with dragons in them and get a dog.
Dianne is a BC author who lives with her husband Doug, his three cats and her beloved dog Thomas. When Dianne is not writing fantasy, or walking her dog, she can be found hanging out with the folk at Hope United Church where she is engaged in part time ministry.
Dianne is amazed at the success of her Ben the Dragonborn books. She never dreamed that she could find success as a writer when she struggled with learning disabilities and low self esteem. She considers herself very lucky to have the doors that opened for her when she needed them.

Her Books

All Dianne’s books are available on Amazon.


















Where to Find Dianne

You can connect with Dianne on her website at www.benthedragonborn.com

Our New Name is Coming Soon!

We are making a move here at Communication Diva and will be changing everything over to a new website address and new podcast name (hopefully) by November 15th, 2017. Our new name is Careers by Jenn. I hope you continue to tune in to hear how you can get the job, love your work and advance your career.

Until next time,

~ Jenn


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