147 CDP: 9 Ways to Advance Your Career

October 19, 2017


Do You Manage Your Career Daily?

No? Most people don’t.

And you should…if you want to advance your career.

Join me in this episode that takes place during a wild wind storm on the very day we found out that Canadian legend Gord Downie died. I talk about both.

In it, I share 9 ways you can take charge of where your career is going, set some goals and be proactive about where it is you end up.

Advance Your Career

You can sit around dreaming, or you can roll up those proverbial sleeves and get busy. Here are the 9 main points that I expand upon:

  • Figure out where you’re at
  • Find out what others think of your performance
  • Create a plan
  • Set some goals
  • Share it.
  • Take action!
  • Network
  • Spiff up your online profiles as you go.
  • Look after yourself.


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Until next time…go get busy!

~ Jenn


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