144 CDP: 7 Mistakes That Will Derail Your Goals

September 28, 2017



I’ve talked a lot about goal setting and the importance of setting goals. I actually was doing a lunch and learn recently about goals and I continue to be amazed at how so few people actually practice setting tangible goals…so few write goals down and make them real. A room of 45 people or so and maybe 2-3 raised hands when I asked. Clearly, it’s something people could use some coaching in…the goal setting itself.

If you are in the category of having never done it, or haven’t done it in a long time, check out podcast episodes 79, 100, 114, 142 and 143…all of which talk about setting goals.

7 Mistakes That Will Derail Your Goals

In this episode, I talk about  7 mistakes that often appear when you decide to do something…when you set a goal. Whether it’s a career goal, a personal goal, a dietary or financial goal…a relationship goal…whatever it is…these seven things are some of the mistakes that get made that end up derailing the goal so it doesn’t happen…which is sad!

Join me in walking through these 7 mistakes that will derail your goals and learn  how you can avoid or counteract making them so that you SUCCEED in reaching your goals and maybe even your dreams.

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