142 CDP: Finding Your Laser Focus

September 14, 2017


What is Laser Focus?

I’m not sure when this term first came into my awareness…but it’s been around for a while now, for about 5 years or so anyway, and if you don’t know what I’m talking about, let me explain:
the idea behind the term “laser focus”  is that you focus in on something with the same intensity as how a laser points its beam at one small point and how all its energy is aimed at that one point and nowhere else. That’s what laser focus means.

How can it be helpful?

There are ways in which it is not helpful. Being laser-focused doesn’t mean to the point of ignoring other important things in life, like your health or your family and friends. That would not be cool. What it does mean is that by finding your laser focus, I am talking about how to focus on the task at hand or the goal in front of you IN THE MOMENT…and not get sucked into that rabbit hole of distraction, because when that happens, you become unproductive. You waste time, and you can become even more stressed later when you realize how much time you’ve wasted or how you haven’t accomplished what you first set out to do. This can lead to feelings of dissatisfaction, to negative self-talk, stress and regret.

“Why didn’t I just get it done when I had the chance?”

“Why can’t I use my time wisely?”

“I wanted to get so much done today and I didn’t. I’m so disappointed.”

Sound familiar?

And then sometimes, there is guilt. Guilt is a wicked ghost, my friends.

5 Strategies to Help You Find Your Laser Focus

In this episode I share 5 strategies you can use to get you to your goal fast. Tune in to hear more about these 5 strategies:

  1. Make a conscious decision to get focused.
  2. Purposely ignore distractions.
  3. Schedule it.
  4. Do it.
  5. Once you’ve done whatever your one task or action step is, celebrate!

Thanks so much for tuning in and for sharing this show with your friends, family and colleagues! If you’d like help with 5 concrete action steps to help  move you closer to a new job or career, click here! 

It’s free and fun, too.

Until next time,

~ Jenn



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