141 CDP: 8 Ways to Make the Most of Every Day

September 6, 2017


Make the Most of Your Every Day.

Some days just fly by…or zoom by…or crash by, and when asked, “did you have a good day?”, I don’t know how to respond. Has this happened to you?

Other days are magnificent. Not in a “that was the most awesome, life-changing experience” kinda way, but in the way that I end them feeling satisfied, accomplished, and full of gratitude for how it went.

I want more of those.

You probably do too. In this podcast episode, I offer 8 steps to help you make the most of your day. Of course, these will only work if you actually DO THEM…so it might be best to start with one or two, and work your way up to doing all 8.

These are not earth-shattering…

but they are effective.

Try them out. Let me know how you do.

If you apply these steps, you too will be able to make the most of every day.

Let’s Jump In:

  1. Get up with the birds. Ok, well whatever works for you, but getting up early is one of the most common habits of highly successful people.
  2. Look after YOU. This is the diet and exercise speech. You know you are supposed to be eating well and exercising regularly (kinda like flossing your teeth), but do you? Perhaps it’s time to start a workout program or join a running group or learn to cook something healthy.
  3. Choose a small list of things to do today. Write out some goals just for today, that can be accomplished TODAY. Choose one BIG thing and a couple of smaller things, and then do them. Start with the thing you want to do the least and get it done early.
  4. Practice being HERE. Mindfulness, presence, being in the now…these are all ways of saying pay acute attention to the moment, the time frame you are in right now, instead of wasting time and energy (and often emotion) on what happened yesterday or earlier, or doing the same worrying about what might happen tomorrow.
  5. Rest & Rejuvenate. Take your coffee break, have a nap, go to bed earlier at night, find time to make a cup of tea and practice deep breathing…anything to recharge yourself at some point during your day.
  6. Do ONE thing you adore. It’s no fun if it’s all drudgery. Build in one thing you love to do each day, even if it’s as small as sitting with your morning latte and reading a bit of a novel.
  7. Nurture your inner being. Take a yoga class, meditate, sing out loud, walk in the sunshine, romp with your dog, phone a friend, write in your journal, sit quietly in prayer, take a bubble bath or go for a run. Do something for your soul every day.
  8. Practice gratitude. End your day with a gratitude list. Think of all the people you are grateful for from this day. Think of all that you have accomplished today. Write it down or just whisper it. Who or what are you thankful for today?

Thank YOU!

I am grateful to you, dear reader and listener. If you would like to connect more directly,  join our Diva Community Facebook Group where we connect more often and share ideas. Join us HERE.

Until next time, make the most of your next day!

~ Jenn


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