139 CDP: Introspect… How Journaling Can Benefit Your Career

August 17, 2017


Why Journaling?

In today’s episode, guest author and workshop leader Diana Mohrsen shares her love of journaling and talks about how it can be good for you to get introspective in the midst of a busy working life.  Journaling can give time to think, and to pause, and to release tension and explore questions. She talks about how at the end of a journaling session, she finds she has discovered wisdom she says must come “from somewhere beyond me!”

In this Episode:

  • writers must be special people
  • the power of introspection
  • how Diana’s journal (Introspect: A Working Journal) is organized
  • how journaling can inform your work life
  • where to start
  • questions to ask
  • how to use a journal to explore and set career goals
  • we could all use time to think
  • the joy of journaling
  • where the questions come from
  • using journaling to decrease stress

About Diana

Diana Mohrsen is a Canadian writer/workshop facilitator who developed and self-published Introspect: A Working Journal, now in its third printing. She has two grown daughters and four grandchildren who continue to inspire her. Besides writing, she loves to explore the countryside in British Columbia and photograph any wildlife that ventures within sight of the road. She is currently working on a book called “Exploring Beauty” that combines her love of writing and her photographs.

Where to connect and order the journalwww.communicationdiva.com

Diana can be reached via email here: dmohrsen@gmail.com

Heading to Podcast Movement!

I’m heading off to sunny California to attend Podcast Movement 2017, and YES I am excited! I will tell you all about it once I am back…so stay tuned for that.

Help Getting Started with a Job Search

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Until next time,

~ Jenn

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