135 CDP: How Volunteer Work on Your Resume Could Get You the Job

July 20, 2017


Why Volunteer Work is Key

Something I learned recently is that applicants themselves seem to dismiss or diminish the importance of volunteer work when considering what to include on a resume. There was a 2016 Impact Survey done by Deloitte in the Us that says only 30% of applicants in the survey bother to include volunteer experience on their resumes, which is really surprising given that the same survey said that hiring managers highly valued volunteer work on a resume.

So there is something missing somewhere here.

There is some kind of disconnect between what applicants think is important and what hiring managers are looking for.

In this episode I will ask and answer these questions:

  1. What is so important about volunteering?
  2. Why should I include volunteer experience on my resume?
  3. If I don’t have any volunteer experience to list, should I go get some?

There is SO much to gain…

it’s completely a win-win situation. Tune in to find out why and how volunteer work with benefit you AND your community, in this podcast episode.

Until Next Time…

thank you so much for listening. (I have an exciting guest coming next week…you don’t want to miss it…please tune in to hear my celebrity guest talk all things communication. I’m not telling who…you’ll have to wait and see. (wink!)

~ Jenn

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