130 CDP: 9 Reasons Why You Didn’t Get the Interview

June 15, 2017


So You Didn’t Get the Interview…

Well, there are reasons that are entirely beyond your control that would be valid reasons why you didn’t get called. One of these is that maybe they already had someone in mind and the posting was just a formality. That happens, and honestly, there is no way for you to know that, unless you know someone in the organization or you are applying within the organization and know the situation already. That happens, and that is not a reflection of you or your application.

So Many Applications.

Another reason is that sometimes there are hundreds and hundreds of applicants and there are more people with top notch qualifications than they even can look at. If it’s a super popular place to work and everyone and their dog is applying, your chances might not be high, although you never know. And again, you have little control over the numbers game and can only do your utmost best…which brings me to 9 reasons you didn’t get the interview. Now, there are more than 9…but these are 9 of the top reasons, and unlike the first two examples I gave, these things ARE within your control.

Take a Listen.

And if you want to add more, or talk about this or other topics, feel free to leave a comment below, I will always answer!

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