129 CDP: 25 Easy Ways to Go “Green” at Work

June 8, 2017


Is it easy to go “green” at work?

I think so. It can be a case of the whole workplace taking this challenge on, or maybe it’s just you doing your part…but truly, any kind of action toward lessening your impact on this earth will help the collective whole.

And we are all connected.

What inspired this episode?

Today’s topic came about as I was in an office waiting to present a live workshop and I noticed that the office had quite a few “green” elements to it.  I asked about it and it seems they had recently decided to do this…go green. There was quite a complicated recycling system set up and there were no actual garbage cans, and apparently all the lighting had been changed.  This got me thinking about all the ways in which a workplace, and an individual, could be more green…easy ways that don’t take up a lot energy or time or effort.

We are “super” recyclers in our home

I don’t know if a “super” recycler is actually a thing…but we pretty much put out one tiny grocery bag of garbage a month, and sometimes not even that. At home we compost, recycle, reuse and make the effort not to buy things that can only be used once. I realize this doesn’t work for everyone, but I am suggesting that even if you can do ONE or TWO things on this list of 25, you will be helping the planet.

Your help matters.

I really believe that. Take a listen to the 25 suggestions of how to save yourself money and time in many cases, how to reduce waste and how to add your efforts to those of others to make a difference.

Tune in to find out how.

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Until next time….

~ Jenn





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