128 CDP: The 11 Habits of Happy, Productive and Healthy People

June 1, 2017


What does Happy, Productive and Healthy look like to you?

Today’s topic is one that is a popular one all over the place, in magazines, in online publications and in general I think, because it’s what we want to be: happy, productive and healthy. I think we think a secret formula will help us get there or something…if we just follow the steps then presto! We will be. But getting there actually takes work…not impossible by any means, but work nonetheless.

A few questions for you to ponder before you get into the list:

These are big questions…so if you journal or even if you take your coffee and go sit somewhere to think…DO IT…because often we don’t take the time to do that…to just sit undistracted, unconnected to technology, maybe out in nature…to just think.

1. When will you know that you’ve reached “happy”? What are the ingredients that make up your happy recipe? Because we are all different, with different values and beliefs and goals…so what is YOUR particular recipe that once you’ve got all the ingredients assembled, will allow you say, there. “I’m happy”?

2. What does productivity look like to you? Is it a numbers thing? If I get 3 things or 12 things accomplished today, I will have had a productive day? By the time you fall onto your pillow at night…what will have to have happened for you to be able to say, “Wow, I had a really productive day today” ?

3. And my third question…(and you can just guess where I’m going I’m sure) is what is it going to take for you to get healthy? Maybe you already are and are happy with it. Maybe you have some work to do in that area?

4. (Ok, yes, there is a 4th question) What is one small step you can take TODAY toward getting to “healthy”?

Alright…my mini-coaching session is complete…and yes, I am a trained coach in case that’s of interest…check out my coaching page if you want a coach.

Take a Listen

Tune in to hear what the 11 habits are, and how you can implement them today to get yourself heading toward happy, productive and healthy.

You know you want it.

I want it for you.

Until next time, thanks for listening,


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