127 CDP: How to Be More Assertive (2.0)

May 25, 2017


On being assertive…

The topic of assertive skills training and how to be more assertive is one that comes up a lot in the line of work I do and so I thought I would like to revisit this again because the last episode I did on this was back in 2012, Episode 28. Now it is currently not in the website archives (I had a technical glitch and lost a whole bunch of content that I have not yet recovered) but is available through the link above, in iTunes, Stitcher Radio and iHeart Radio.

Now that episode from 5 years ago is still really relevant and solid information…so if you haven’t taken a listen to that one, it’s only about 20 mins long and I invite you to do that. But I was thinking about assertiveness particularly in the workplace for this episode and also for the jobsearch…the time around getting into the workplace….when you are looking for a job and going through interviews and communicating with recruiters and possible employers.

In this episode:

I  want to do three things:

  • I want to remind you what assertiveness is
  • I want to talk about the benefits of being assertive especially around work and your career
  • And I want to give you 7 skills to practice….steps you can put into action today to help you get more assertive.I also talk about default behavioral styles and some of the characteristics of an assertive person.

What Being More Assertive Can do For You

Becoming good at being assertive can reduce stress and make for a more harmonious work life (and home life too!) Becoming assertive can actually be transformative…in your career and in your non-working world.

As with everything, it takes practice. Start small. Be patient with yourself and just keep practising. Choose one of these 7 skill-building tips and do it…today. Build on your skill as you go.

Until next time, this is Jenn Swanson, take care friends!

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