122 CDP: The Importance of Listening

April 13, 2017


How Important is Listening?

Listening is not the same as hearing. We hear things all the time and studies have shown that we only retain anywhere between 17 and 25% of what we hear.

Most of us like to think we are good, or even great communicators…but one of the skills we have the least amount of actual training in is listening.

(This is an update of an episode I published in 2011…episode number two!)

So why is it important to learn to listen effectively, and what advantages can you gain by getting better at it?

What’s in it for you to learn more about this topic and to practice it? And how can you go about getting better at this skill ?

Have you ever been accused of saying something in a particular way that has caused someone to ask, “why did you say it like that?”

We could all use practice improving our communication skills, and this is a biggie. If you want a sure way to gain, that you can start working with immediately, then set aside about 27 minutes and all of the answers above and more will be answered.

Topics include:

  • how effective listening can make you more successful in your workplace
  • what barriers there can be to actively listening, or listening well
  • how to improve this skill, beginning TODAY at no cost to you but some time and effort.

Until next time, thank YOU so much for listening!




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