118 CDP: The Do’s and Dont’s of Workplace Relationships with Guest Sandra Fischer

March 16, 2017



Workplace Relationships: Joys and Pitfalls:

Sandra Fischer is an author and consultant the creator of the game Relationship Reveal. She talks with me in this episode about workplace relationships, how to navigate them with integrity. Join us for this insightful conversation where we explore everything from romance, to political differences, to ego.

Topics Discussed:

  • how identity is often tied to work
  • the culture of the work environment makes a difference to how we should communicate
  • how learning as much about yourself as you can can improve your workplace relationships
  • the value of saying “I don’t know”
  • romantic relationships…key things to keep in mind
  • social media and workplace relationships
  • ego
  • mindset of lack rather than abundance
  • politics and division in the workplace
  • doing things with integrity

About Sandra:

SANDRA FISCHER is a professional writer and consultant with a diverse
background specializing in communications, people development and optimizing organizational effectiveness. With 25 years of experience working for companies including Microsoft, Amazon and AT&T, her experiences have been as unique and broad as managing the homepage for Amazon.com to developing an online marketing campaign for a literary novel launch.

How to Connect with Sandra:

Website – http://www.relationshipreveal.com/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/relationshipreveal/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/skfischersea

Amazon – https://www.amazon.com/Relationship-Reveal-Discovery-Skill-Building-Growth/…

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