116 CDP: Networking: 7 Ways to Make it Less Awkward

March 2, 2017




The very word makes me shudder. There are networking events, and then there are networking events. Some are excellent, organized, and work beautifully to allow you to connect and ultimately collaborate with like-minded people in order to further your business or you work life. Others are just an awkward waste of time.

How to Manage

In this episode, I share 7 ways to make networking events less awkward and more useful to you. These are strategies that involve (in some cases) a little advanced preparation and the determination to stick to your plan…but they DO work.

Take a listen and then please add your own ideas, tips and tricks below, as we all would like to learn more and to suffer less when faced with having to “mix and mingle”!

Happy and fruitful connections to you…


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