115 CDP: On Being Professional with Guest Mandi Trickett

February 23, 2017


How professional you are can make or break a small business.

In this episode of the podcast, I talk to small business owner and educator Mandi Trickett about her thoughts on professionalism. Mandi is the owner of Avenue 42, a beauty salon located in Langley, BC that offers cosmetic tattooing, nail art and other aesthetic services.

Mandi shares how there’s more to professional behaviour in the workplace than just what you say…much more.

Topics discussed:

  • personal appearance and cleanliness and what that communicates to clients
  • work space esthetics
  • proper licensing and training documentation on display
  • time management, how that conveys professionalism
  • communication with clients, especially in the personal care industry
  • confidentiality (being trusted with personal life stories)
  • relationships and trust and client longevity
  • giving back (Mandi’s cancer campaign)
  • home business versus storefront as far as professionalism goes
  • the importance of research prior to launching

About Mandi

Mandi Trickett has been in the beauty industry as an Aesthetician since 1997. She is a certified nail trainer, aesthetician and cosmetic tattoo technician. She is also certified in microblading and skin revision. She trained and began offering cosmetic tattooing (also called permanent makeup) in 2013. Prior to owning her own salon which opened in 2007, Mandi worked in salons for 10 years and taught courses in the En Vogue Nail program for many years, just giving that up recently as she is too busy with her own business! Her current salon was built and opened in 2015. Mandi’s attention to professionalism, the quality of her work, and her kind heart inspired me to invite her to share her thoughts on what she does with the world.

Where to connect with Mandi:

The Avenue 42 website is www.avenue42langley.com
Find her on Facebook at:
And see before and after photos and more on Instagram:
Avenue 42’s cancer campaign has the hashtag: #sheisstrongbyavenue42

Feedback always welcome!

As always, I love to hear what you have to say. Do you have a beauty expert in your life who has made a difference? Have you been moved by the care and attention you’ve been given by a small business owner? If yes, leave us a note!

Until next time, be blessed,


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