114 CDP: Project Management for Your Life with Cesar Abeid

February 16, 2017


Project Management?

I’ve heard the term and always thought that learning what it was all about would take a whole bunch of training and would only apply if working in some kind of high-level engineering job or something.

Turns out, I was only half right.

Apparently, it’s a good skill for ANYONE to learn.

True project management professionals do indeed get certified, and there is a whole whack of jargon that goes along with the profession that can make one’s eyeballs glaze over.

Enter Cesar Abeid.

Cesar is my guest on this quite short (but packed) episode of the show. During our time together, Cesar explains how learning the basic principles of project management can be of huge benefit to your everyday work life, during a job search, and really for any type of project or large task you would like to take on.

Using non-jargon-y words and more straightforward explanations, Cesar helps people take action and reach goals that previously might have felt daunting. In fact, he’s written a book for “regular folks” on that very topic called Project Management for You.

More about Cesar

Cesar Abeid is a Project Management Professional®, author, professional speaker, business coach and consultant.
As the host of the Project Management for the Masses Podcast and the Construction Industry Podcast, Cesar reaches audiences of thousands around the world.
Cesar works for Automattic, makers of WordPress.com, a company dedicated to the democratization of publishing.
Cesar lives in London, Ontario, Canada, with his wife and three children.
You can find Cesar’s book, Project Management for You, here: projectmanagementforyou.com

What’s your next project?

Let me know! I would like to hear how you use the info on this show…how you put it into action. Drop me a line or leave a voicemail.

And please share this episode.

Until next time, happy planning your project!







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