113 CDP: Work Life Balance is Dead with guest Dr. Serena Reep

February 8, 2017


Work Life Balance…

is an old idea. At least in the traditional sense of it. According to my guest on today’s podcast, we need to rethink the expectations we place on ourselves in this day of the “laptop lifestyle”, where we are never more than inches away from being accessible and connected, even when we are technically “off-shift”.

There is a better way.

Dr. Serena Reep shares her ideas around why the old thinking of having to balance our work lives with the rest of our lives is doing us a disservice, and how to re-frame the word “balance” into something that is more useful and modern. I found our conversation refreshing and inspiring.

Dr. Serena Reep

Dr. Serena Reep is the founder and CEO of Transformational Communications Inc.  She is an Ex-College Professor, Communication and Relationship Management Coach, Corporate Project Management trainer, Author and Motivational Speaker.
Serena has a Ph.D. from the University of Connecticut, with a specialization in Social Structure and Personality. Her passion is to transform the dysfunctional relationships that debilitate everyday lives at work and at home, to help people live more purposeful and authentic lives.
She also holds a certification as a PMP (Project Management Professional) from the prestigious Project Management Institute. These credentials provide her the unique opportunity to mediate the often disparate motivations of the employer and the employee helping them work toward the alignment of vision and mission to reach win-win solutions.
Dr. Serena is a two-time recipient of the National Association of Bestselling Authors award; in 2012 for her work in the book Success Secrets with Jack Canfield and again in 2013 for the book Change Agents with Brian Tracy.

She has been seen on NBC, CBS, ABC and Fox affiliates and has been interviewed by Arielle Ford on the “Meet the Experts” program. She has been an Expert Blogger for Fast Company and the Huffington Post.  Her forthcoming book Work-Life Balance is DEAD! is a very thought provoking and paradigm-shifting manifesto on living an authentic life, unfettered by the weight of outmoded constructs about balancing work and life.  She also sounds a wake-up call to the corporations on the effectiveness of the work-life balance perks they provide and offers a fresh perspective on increasing their ROI.
Dr. Reep helps you to recalibrate your view of work and life and replace old assumptions with more thoughtful, natural definitions. Working with Dr. Reep will free you from the impossible seesaw that only causes frustration, guilt and the general feelings of hopelessness and overwhelm. And, more importantly, it will help you carve a life for yourself that is authentic and filled with purpose and joy!
To learn more about her work on stress management and work-life balance or to contact Dr. Serena Reep for your speaking or training needs, please visit http://www.serenasez.com

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