112 CDP: Burnout at Work: Are You at Risk? (and what you can do about it)

February 2, 2017


It creeps up and before we know it, we have burnout at work…and at home…and everywhere in out lives. With all the stress in life and in the world, it isn’t very surprising to know that a lot of people find themselves well on the way to this before they notice. Sometimes other people notice first.

So what is burnout, exactly?

What are the signs and symptoms of this condition, and what can we do about it if we think we might be on the road to burnout, or already there.

Burnout at Work is Common

It’s so common that it’s sometimes hard to recognize the telltale signs and symptoms, although they are all things we’ve likely experienced at one time or another. It’s when you have several of these going on at once that you might pay attention.

In this podcast episode, I share 8 signs and symptoms to watch for, and then discuss 8 ways to overcome, work through, or prevent burnout at work.

Because there is enough to deal with in life without experiencing this.

Loving you work…

is hard to do if you are overwhelmed, stressed out and feeling hopeless about things.

Join me in this episode, and please share it with someone who might need to hear it.




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