Supercharge-It: as an employee or entrepreneur, these themes hold true.

January 9, 2017

Recently, I took part in contributing to an info-graphic (designed by to inspire small business owners to get busy and get going. (My part is in the Motivation segment.)

When I saw the final project below,  it struck me that these themes would work for employees or people in a job search as well.

The themes of time management, motivation, professionalism, and even some of the advice in the freelance section (especially as to how it might relate in a job search), are good themes to reflect on at the start of a new year.

Some Questions to Get You Started:

How are you managing your time?

What motivates you?

How can you make sure you are being professional?

Good Advice

There are a number of good ideas included in the image below.

For example, as Ashley alludes to in the freelance segment, there is no point being “half in”…no matter what it is you are doing.If you’ve committed to doing something, go “all in” and get it done. (How many times have I started something and realized my heart wasn’t actually “all in”?)

And Matt says, industry research is hugely important. If you are looking for a job, this is a critical element that you should spend time doing before you send in your resume.

How will you decide where to spend your precious time and energy, either in your job, your career, or in your search for one?

I hope you enjoy the articles linked to in the image below. Read what these experts advise you to do to “supercharge” the work you do this year, and get busy and get going!

If you need help getting your resume ready, click here.

Happy New Year!





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