110 CDP: How to Speak with Confidence in the Workplace with Guest Esmaeel Akther

January 19, 2017


Public Speaking…

Is second or third down the list of things that terrify people…after death and divorce. Join me in my conversation with founder of Elevanto.co, Esmaeel Akther, as we talk about how to gain more confidence in the workplace and in your life.


Do you have the confidence to make a work presentation?

Perhaps for a job interview or a presentation or pitch before colleagues or clients, learn how to find the confidence you need for the short term, and how to build capacity for self-confidence that will last you your lifetime.

Topics Covered:

  • finding courage
  • the benefit of Toastmasters
  • what to do right before a job interview
  • the difference between confidence and self-confidence
  • strategies
  • practicing self-leadership

About Esmaeel

Esmaeel is a Qualified Accountant by Profession, Entrepreneur and Investor by Passion. He launched Elevanto with a vision to inspire a million to share their message and passion through Public Speaking so they can inspire others. Elevating lives gives Esmaeel the utmost fulfillment in life. His simple philosophy in life is; Be Passionate in what you do. Be Persistent. And ask elders to shower their Blessings more often.

How to Connect

You can connect with Esmaeel here:

Email: esmaeel@elevanto.co

Website: http://elevanto.co/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/esmaeel.akther

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/elevanto.co/

Intagram: @elevanto_inspiration

Your Thoughts?

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