106 CDP: Self-Disclosure in the Workplace: How Much Sharing is Too Much?

December 15, 2016

Self-Disclosure: What is it and what is too much?

We’ve probably all had coworkers who over share, and those who barely share anything, making them hard to get to know. Some people seems to know how to balance what to share and what to keep private, and others have no gauge at all for what is appropriate and what is too much. So what is self-disclosure? In a nutshell, self-disclosure is the act of revealing or sharing information about yourself with another person.

Things shared in this episode:

In this episode, I talk about what to keep in mind to make sure you are sharing appropriately, safely and ethically in the workplace. Over-sharing can be risky and can cause you all sorts of unfortunate problems. Under-sharing can lead to a lack of trust on the part of your coworkers, and can lead to you being very lonely at work. Finding the balance is key, and so I share things to think about when you are considering sharing personal information with others in the workplace.

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~ Jenn

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