Friday Afternoon Musings on the Meaning of Life & A Birthday Book Giveaway

July 22, 2016

balloonsAfter almost a half-century of birthdays (yes, I’ll be 49 at the end of this month), birthdays stop being so interesting…at least to me. For my step-daughters, however, the birthday countdown seems to on all the time, with “half-birthdays” being occasions to be excited about. I guess when you’re a teenager, it’s still cause for a party and much taking of selfies.

To me though, I have been thinking more and more about purpose, and about what I want to accomplish in this, the “second-half” of life. What am I going to do that will make this world a little more sweet, a little more gentle, a little more of a beautiful place to be? How, then, can I serve?

I have a number of things going on (as do you, I’m sure), and figuring out how to balance these has been challenged lately by my reading of an interesting new book by Dr. Serena Reep, called “Work Life Balance is Dead: The Myth, The Truth and the Remedy.” I have yet to complete reading the book (because…I can’t seem to balance when to read with all that must be accomplished don’tcha know), but what I like so far about it is that she speaks of how “overwhelm” is the disease of our time and how constant, frenetic activity is today’s “tobacco”…basically is killing us.

Reep also talks about aligning all that we do with our true purpose, so I figure figuring out what my true purpose even is would be a good place to start. I look forward to finishing her work when I am on holiday this summer to find out more of what she suggests as far as the remedy part goes.

Spiritual Gifts…

In a coaching session a few years ago, I was told I had the spiritual gift of encouragement. I have never forgotten this, and I try to bring that into everything that I do: my ministry, my teaching and my writing. Encouraging others to step into their capability is what truly lights me upand what makes me energized. Watching a student grasp a complex concept, seeing a nervous lay reader get up and read with clarity of voice, watching our adult children thrive…all of these things make me shout: YES!!!

Changes at Communication Diva

To that end, I am moving the focus of the content here at Communication Diva over to more workplace and employment topics. Instead of the general topic of communication (which, let’s face it, is HUGE), I want to zero in on helping you to become more self-aware and more skilled at what you need to do to get a job, love your work, and advance your career. I plan to do that through a variety of means, including blogging, starting up the podcast again, and my latest venture: online teaching. (If you haven’t already done so, check out my (currently free) first online course called Resume Secrets.)

A Birthday Gift Giveaway for You

And so while I work on encouraging people to succeed, I am going to celebrate my “looming” birthday a little by giving away a gift. I’m offering a $25 Amazon gift card and a signed copy of my book, What They See: How to Stand Out and Shine in Your New Job as a giveaway in a little contest below. It will only run until July 31st, with the winner drawn on August 1, 2016. The more you share it, the more chances you will get to win.

To enter the draw, click HERE.


Until next time, I’ll keep exploring my purpose, and would love to hear what yours is.

with light and love,





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