99: CD Podcast Episode: PTSD and Moving the Human Spirit

March 20, 2015

 PTSD Help for Couples

In this podcast episode, Jenn interviews the trio that makes up the team of coaches at Moving the Human Spirit. Each member brings gifts and skills to the work that they are doing, and particularly their latest endeavour with couples affected by Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Topics covered:

  • what drew this team together and to this work
  • what background each brings
  • the global nature of the work
  • what PTSD is
  • signs and symptoms
  • what happens in a couple relationship when one partner has this diagnosis
  • where clients come from and who this team is working with
  • some of the treatments and approaches to healing
  • an example of an exercise used to treat
  • stress and chaos management
  • next steps

Who makes up the team:

www.communicationdiva.com Susan Hogarth www.communicationdiva.com Brad Hardie www.communicationdiva.com Cindy Hogg

What is Moving The Human Spirit? www.communicationdiva.com

Moving the Human Spirit began as a collaborative effort put forward by a group of skilled individual facilitators and coaches. The team is trained in many differing backgrounds and skill sets. Everything from coaching, personality testing, stress management and facilitation can be found in their practice. They help people become more conscious, more inspired and better able to have meaningful positive communication.

How to Connect:

Website: www.movingthehumanspirit.com

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Kelvin Nikkel March 20, 2015 at 4:17 pm

Hi Jennifer

So sorry I have been MIA. Been very busy lately.

Also very sorry that I didn’t contact you when I was in Canada
for Christmas as we had planned to get together. I got so tied
up with family and Christmas and stuff, it totally slipped my mind.
Must be an age thing. Please accept my apologies.

How are things going? Things here in Thailand are going ok.
However I am trying to get rid of a very bad memory of a recent
visa run I had to make to Vietnam. It plays out like a National
Lampoon Vacation movie. From the very start to the very end
everything that COULD go wrong, DID!

Would love to call you sometime to let you know about it. Too
much to write here. LOL Maybe I should make a script out of
it and see if it could become a good movie. It was that bad. LOL

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I am still alive and kicking
and to apologize for not contacting you.

Wishing you all the best.



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