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February 24, 2015

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As author of the book Babe In Total Control of Herself (aka B.I.T.C.H) and founder of the inbox magazine Women Who Run It: Your Life – Your Love – Your Terms!, Fiona Fine helps women to embrace their femininity, not be ashamed of it, take control of their own money, un-apologetically go for what they say they want, climb a career ladder, open their own company, or frankly be a “kept woman” (if that is their conscious choice and they understand the consequences of their choices). She wants women to be aware; to choose; to give themselves permission to recognize the sacrifices they have already made and the new ones they will have to make to continue to create a spectacular life; to learn to put themselves first, even above their children and partners so that they can be what they need and desire to be. Specifically, with all the knowledge of her professional expertise and background, Fiona herself adds her voice and gives women the CONFIDENCE to do all of these things.

 Her Story

Fiona tells us some of her story in this episode. Fiona’s life has been atypical for a woman: She grew up in a well-educated household and had what she calls a ‘charmed childhood’, then quickly moved into a totally male-dominated work sector (engineering, IT, and headhunting) for 30-plus years. Since 1978 (as the result of three car accidents, two concussions and extensive auto-immune system issues), she has struggled with vitality and health. She approaches love and life in a way that most others don’t. Since a AHA decision in 2007 to reclaim the sassy siren that she was in her 30s—only with all the wisdom and confidence that she had gained in the years since – she has reclaimed her love life (and her libido!), her prosperity and vitality as well as stepped into a role of advocating for all women to create their own epic life and love. She is the founder of HowToPutTheFunBackIntoDating.com.

Because of “growing up” in a male-dominated work environment, Fiona has a more typically male point of view of life (she even swears like an engineer). She doesn’t buy into society’s guilt-inducing conversations and rules for women, and, because of that, she has a unique viewpoint that cuts through the clutter and excuses to get at the real issues that help people create lives that are more pro-choice and “pleasure” oriented. She asks the tough questions; starts the conversations; stirs the pot; and offers a blunt, overt, #nofilters take on the “basic stories” (aka B.S.) that we, as people, love to live in.

She is the girlfriend/wingwoman that most women (and men) wish they had. She judges the behaviour, not the person. She is unapologetic, bold, and irreverently truthful, and when she is in your corner, she is both your champion and your truth-teller. She may look like a mini Jessica Rabbit, but she will hit you between the eyes with her brand of honesty and common sense tinged with brash boldness. Fiona has a “take no prisoners” attitude, yet she is neither malicious nor salacious. For her to live her best life, she needs to cut through the B.S.(her own included) and to surround herself with others doing likewise. She needs to live with positively intense people in her life; as such she is completely being self-centric in delivering a message to the world.

Fiona’s Core Tenets:


are easily applied to business, prosperity, health & vitality and relationships.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Fiona’s story
  • her first book and the one she is currently working on
  • what she is passionate about
  • gender differences she has experienced
  • who she is helping and why
  • how her “mess” became her message
  • where she is heading in the future
  • her best advice to you

Where to Find Fiona

Website: www.FionaFine.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fionafine

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