The Challenge of Change

January 7, 2015

www.communicationdiva.comWe’ve all heard that change is here to stay…that it’s the new normal…that we have to be flexible and adaptable and resilient, because it’s inevitably going to touch us and even break us otherwise.

And yet, that might not be quite true.

While change continues to be evident around us, whether we dive in head first or not is often still a choice. Take technologically, for example. This month, three people I know all got new (ish) cell phones and for the first time ever, entered the wild world of text messaging. Now you might roll your eyes at this because the rest of us have been texting for what seems like eons, and yet, there are still many people out there who haven’t bothered.

Have they missed a lot by not getting onto the ever-forward racing mobile device bandwagon? Maybe.
Are their lives significantly less rich because of this lack of adaptation? No.

Our family has not subscribed to cable television…ever. I have never PVR’d something, nor do I want to.

Have I missed great programming? Likely.
Am I less than a whole human being as a result? No.

With the advent of Netflix, and-believe it or not-the local library’s stock of DVDs to lend out, I really don’t need to spend untold amounts of dollars a month to watch commercial-riddled television, and to feel pressured to record the same to watch later.
Oh, and to boot, we have two tvs in the house, one that only gets used to play workout videos in the exercise room, and one tiny portable one that we move into the living-room when we need it, and tuck away out of site the rest of the time.
“Gasp!” You might say.


The thing is, it’s all a matter of priorities.

The challenge of change is not in keeping up with all the change, because that is self-defeating and impossible and a fast way to an ulcer.

The challenge is in choosing what to choose.

In 2015, I would rather choose to have better, more meaningful conversations.
In 2015, I choose to get outside into nature and look around more.
In 2015, I choose to meditate regularly, to play with my friends and family, to share my passion about better communication with my Communication Diva audience.

The world is going to keep whirling and moving forward and spinning and changing around me, thank goodness! And in 2015, I’m going to be less focused on keeping up with it, and a lot more picky about making wise and life-giving choices.

What about you?


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