94: CD Podcast Episode: How Horses Can Help You to Heal with Brenda Brown

September 30, 2014

www.communicationdiva.com  Horses can heal me? Wha??

Yes, I admit I was a skeptic at first. Don’t get me wrong, I think horses are amazing and beautiful creatures, and if I had a physical illness, I understand how being up on a horse, and moving gently with their movements could help exercise muscles and promote healing. In fact, I did an interview all about that quite a few shows ago, about hippotherapy,  which you can listen to here.

But this…this is different. This is all about how horses can help you to heal inside…in your mind, in your soul and most of all, in your heart.

And so, I tried it.

I went to the Mystic Waters Ranch and spent an amazing two hours with Brenda and one of her horses, Bella. Bella chose me…and Bella showed me some very interesting things, including that I was spending way too much time in my head, and not enough time in my heart. I was a little afraid of being that close to a horse alone in a ring…but Bella, completely unharnessed or wearing anything at all, wandered about and ended up walking right up to me and putting her chest next to mine. Aside from sitting on top of a horse, I have never been that close before. And she just stood there for several minutes…breathing…telling me what she needed to tell me. It was astounding.

Heal through F.E.E.L. Therapy

In this episode, Brenda explains what it is she does with the horses at her ranch, she tells us her story of how she came to be doing this, and what training and experience she has. Brenda’s love for these animals is palpable…it’s in her eyes and in her whole being. She is passionate about what she does, and this translates into countless numbers of people experiencing the ability to heal deep emotional wounds and past traumas, as well as helping them to find new direction in their lives.                           www.communicationdiva.com

About Brenda Brown

Brenda received training as a Master NLP practitioner, Timeline Clearing Coach, certified FEEL(Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning) Facilitator and Family Constellation Facilitator. Working in individual sessions, or with the horses or in group, Brenda brings love and compassion along with dynamic processes and a wealth of experience to assist you in healing your deepest wounds from the Mental, Emotional and Spiritual realms, assisting you in bring out your brilliance and create a life full of love and support…a life worth living.

Contact Brenda:

Website: www.mysticwatersranch.com

www.communicationdiva.com Brenda & Espresso

If you happen to be in the area…


I am going to be presenting a couple of sessions at the Surrey Skills Share Fair in Surrey, BC on Sunday October 19, 2014. I would LOVE to meet any listeners who will be in the area that day. I’ll have a booth set up at the fair, be talking about podcasting and public speaking, and it would be fabulous to see you there. Please come over and say hi!

Until next time, kiss a horse, and thanks for listening.



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