93: CD Podcast Episode: Getting Your Glow On: Talking About Skin with Leah La Vanway

September 25, 2014

www.communicationdiva.comTeaching Women How to Care for Their Skin Means Much Communication

My guest today knows what she’s talking about as far as how much appearance (and challenges with it) can have an effect on your self-esteem. You might not be able to tell from the image of her, but she once suffered greatly from cystic acne, a debilitating condition that makes a person want to hide inside all day long.

Through persistent study, questioning and discovery, Leah learned how to help her own body heal, and in the process, gained knowledge, training  and experience that now helps her to spend her time helping others to feel better about themselves.

My conversation with Leah includes topics such as:


  • her story
  • communication around skin and how it works
  • the confusion of skin care products on the market
  • what exactly a medical esthetician is
  • tips for the listener on how to take better care of your skin
  • tanning beds
  • how Leah functions as somewhat of a therapist with her clients
  • consumer awareness and educating people about their skin
  • the lack of Canadian regulation around skin treatments and those who offer them
  • how to research and figure out what to use and who to see

Her philosophy is simple: client education plus effective treatments equals healthy, glowing skin.

Leah spends a lot of time listening, a key communication skill in client service and care. Once she understands the concerns and issues a person is having, she can then custom design a treatment plan for that person. Leah says that her complimentary hour-long consultation is a key part of getting to know her client, and then being able to treat that person’s skin the most effectively.

But…it sounds painful!

Some of the skin treatments she describes sound very medical-esque, and therefore I wondered about how painful these things might be. Leah assures me they aren’t if done correctly. I’m off to visit her smedi-pa tomorrow morning, so I will let you know how well I glow when I get back!

What Communication Skills Do You Wish Your Service-Providers Would Possess?

Ever get frustrated with not being listened to by someone who is offering you their services for a fee? Ever had a hairdresser not really listen to your wishes, and leave you crying in your car after the appointment? Was it you who couldn’t communicate your vision clearly?

I’m sure there are lots of stories…I know I have some. I invite you to share below.

Where to find Leah

The best place to find Leah and to read her tips and sign up for her informative beauty e-newsletter is on her website: http://essenceofl.com/

Got Conflict? Need Skills?

Check out my coaching page to learn more about how we can work together.

There’s lots going on at Communication Diva…come and join the conversation!

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