88:CD Podcast Episode: Yoga, Spirit, Joy & Your Body with Christina Kinch

June 30, 2014

www.communicationdiva.comHow Yoga, Spirituality, Joy, Delight & Your Body all Work Together.

In this episode, I meet Christina, whose background and training have led her to begin her own business in helping others to find healing through communicating with their own bodies and through listening to what the body has to say.

I met Christina at a Spiritual Care Network Retreat in the spring, where she led a group of ministry personnel through a yoga and healing session that was unlike any I had experienced before.

It was after that experience I decided I wanted you to meet her.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • listening to your body
  • yoga, the various forms of it, and how it can help with anxiety, depression and other issues
  • family systems and healing
  • how Christina came to be doing this work and where she wants to be next
  • what you can do right NOW to listen better to your own body

Who is Christina?

Christina Kinch is a  Family Wellness Consultant, Yoga Therapist, and an Energy Healer!
Christina is compassionate, intuitive and playful. She has a strong sense of the mind-body-spirit
connection and uses this awareness to guide people into deeper experience of themselves,
each other and the Sacred.

In love with the mysterious and transformative power of the
mystical and contemplative traditions, Christina has studied and practiced with teachers from
various traditions, with a particular interest in Mystical Christianity, Buddhist teachings and
Hatha Yoga.

Christina believes in the wisdom of the body and as an Energy Healer and Yoga
Therapist, she helps others hear our bodies messages which help guide our lives. ! !

In addition to spiritual and body-based work, Christina has also worked with children, youth and
adults living though challenges with mental illness, addictions and involvement in the child
protection and criminal justice systems.

Through this work, she witnessed the human capacity
for depth and resilience that is only accessible in times of darkness and struggle. In response to
this observation, Christina is opening a small business in the fall which will provide opportunities
for deep healing and transformation, with a particular focus on families struggling with mental
health and behavioural challenges.

How to Reach Christina:

The business, Kenchara: Spiritually rooted family mental
health, will offer programs such as energy healing, yoga therapy, meditation, and family
wellness consultations.

Please visit kenchara.ca or email Christina at christina@kenchara.ca for
more information.

Let me know what you think!

I love to hear from you. Thanks for listening to this inspiring episode,



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