77: CD Podcast Episode: 5 Ways to De-Stress Your Kids with Patricia Irwin

August 31, 2013

Pat Irwin

How to de-stress your kids: 5 easy tips

What do you mean, de-stress kids? What do kids have to be stressed about??

Apparently, a lot.

With the over-programming and busy (ridiculously so) lifestyles we lead, children are suffering more and more from anxiety, depression and stress.

Kids can forget to breathe.

Adults can forget to breathe too, but it seems that there is less in the way of resources out there to help children learn how to relax.

In this podcast episode, I interview coach and author Patricia Irwin, who has some helpful tips for parents (and that would work for adult stress too) on how to help their kids relax.

Grown-ups need to breathe too.

Patricia Irwin is a certified professional coach and ICF member, and Canadian author who  works with teams and individuals to create sustainable high performance. She specializes in creating environments in the workplace, our communities, learning centers and within our minds that stimulate innovative thought and balanced creativity. Patricia encourages people to embrace diversity in all forms including those that think differently and to work toward optimal mental health.

“To understand that we are all different and having tools to recognize pattern within ourselves and other leads to greater employee retention, opportunities for talent development and can reduce disability and training costs.”

Patricia Irwin is an author of book with messages on diversity, inclusion, our duality for adults, and children’s books with great messages from the world of coaching.


 Why is it important to de-stress?

Childhood anxiety, depression, behaviour issues and more are on the rise. Pat’s work with both adults and children helps teach the importance of remembering that while achievement is a good thing, over-achievement and over-functioning can be detrimental. Learn more about Pat and her work here:

How do YOU de-stress?

Let me know your thoughts and ideas on what you do for yourself or your children in order to breathe.

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