46:CD Podcast Episode: Anorexia & Communication: An Interview with Anne-Sophie Reinhardt

November 13, 2012

CommunicationDiva Podcast: Anorexia & CommunicationIn this episode, Jenn speaks with anorexia survivor, body-image expert, self-love advocate and owner of aMINDmedia.

Topics include:

  • Anne-Sophie’s story
  • How eating disorders such as anorexia begin
  • How its really not about food
  • The first steps
  • Communicating with a person who has anorexia, bulimia or other disorders: what NOT to say
  • Anne-Sophie’s coaching practice, books and podcasts

Mentioned in this Episode:

Cliff Ravenscraft: a mutual friend and inspiration to thousands! You can find Cliff at gspn.tv

Anne-Sophie’s book: The Ultimate Guide to a Healthy Body Image

Anne-Sophie’s website: aMINDmedia.com

Let’s Talk!

If you have a story about your personal experience with an eating disorder, or with a loved one’s experience, please share it below. Sometimes just knowing what is helpful and what isn’t can make a huge difference.

ALL comments and suggestions welcome!

Learning to deepen communication is my passion…I hope this has been valuable information for you.





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