32: CD Podcast Episode: “Create Your Game”: A Coaching Conversation with Guest Stephen Gann

August 6, 2012


Performance/Career Coaching, A Baseball Coach and Man With a Vision:

In this Communication Diva Podcast episode, Jenn explores communication topics with guest Stephen Gann of Forward Focus Coaching.

Topics include:

  • An explanation of what solution-focused or life-coaching is
  • What a session looks like
  • What specifically “solution-based” means
  • NLP: A Brief Description
  • Stephen’s work in performance coaching,  and particularly with youth and baseball
  • Typical sport-coaching paradigm
  • “Create Your Game”
  • Where Stephen is going next
  • Taking adults out of the game
  • Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretsky and the Inner Game of Tennis
  • A final communication tip

Stephen’s Book Recommendations:

How To Contact Stephen:

Forward Focus Coaching
Phone: 360-312-4030
Cell:    778-839-0567
Skype: forward-focus-coaching
twitter: 4wardfocuscoach
LinkedIn: Forward-Focus Coaching – Stephen Gann
Facebook: Forward Focus Coaching

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