24:CD Podcast Episode: Advice: What to Do When You Didn’t Ask For It & Don’t Want It.

May 27, 2012


Why do people offer unsolicited advice…and sometimes to complete strangers??

In this CommunicationDiva podcast episode, Jenn talks about the giving and getting of advice…and particularly what do to when you didn’t ask for it and don’t want it.  Topics covered:

  • Criticism: the good, bad and the ugly
  • Does mother know best?
  • Guidance vs. Advice
  • Is this being offered to be helpful, or hurtful?
  • The word “should”
  • Cyber critics
  • You can’t please everybody. Seriously.
  • Ways to cope

And now…Jenn here…and I’m asking, with trepidation, for your criticism…or rather, feedback!

If you liked this episode or didn’t…please let me know why. If you are going to offer criticism or advice, at least be specific and let me know why/what could be done to improve!

Thanks, and I DO read and respond to every correspondence.

Until next time…AFTER Blogworld New Media Expo in New York! (I’m SOOOO excited!!!!)



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