23:CD Podcast Episode: “I” Language: How the Way We Begin Makes All the Difference

May 21, 2012

Using "I" Language as an Effective Communication Tool

In this podcast episode, Jenn talk about how the communication technique of using “I” language is one of the most effective tools there is.

Topics covered include:

  • turning statements around to make them YOUR experiences of a situation, rather than accusations that put others on the defensive
  • the risk/vulnerability of sharing your feelings
  • being responsible for your end of the communication only
  • not guessing or assuming WHY other people behave the way they do, just stating your experience
  • practicing “I” Language on unsuspecting people!

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Thank-you so much for listening! I hope you found something of value here in what you heard. ALL comments are appreciated… just leave them below or “Like” me on Facebook to chat there!



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